Information about the fish breeds here at Epperstone Park

Below is some information about each of the species which we breed here at Epperstone Park Hatcheries, with useful information regarding the fish species themselves, the perfect environments for them and relevant seasonal information.

If you would like to know the prices for the fish breeds, simply visit our price list page to see our current prices, or contact us if you require further information.

fish breeds - carp


At Epperstone Park Hatcheries, Carp are one of our best selling breeds. We produce a stunning mixture of both common and mirror Carp, and both will give you great value for money. We have been using our own strain to breed this species for over 30 years and it’s a proven to provide fish which grow and put on weight rapidly. Our Carp come with distinct characteristics which can only be found in our fish breeds, giving them that signature Epperstone Park Carp look.

fish breeds - ide


Ide are not a very well known species, originating from Sweden, Epperstone Park Hatcheries where the first to start producing Ide in the UK. These fish are fantastic as they fight like crazy and feed through the winter, when most other species slow down, making Ide the perfect fish for winter matches. A must have for any commercial fisheries. Our Ide broodstock weigh between 3lb and 5lb.

fish breeds - bream


Bream do well in most mixed waters, but do prefer larger, deeper waters. In colder months Bream tend to shoal together in the deeper waters. Most popular sizes for the Bream are 6″-10″ up to 2lb, when handling Bream the least amount of handling is best, as they tend to lose scales very easily.

fish breeds - tench


Tench are slow growing fish that love warm, more shallow water and they tend to do well in most mixed fisheries. Keeping a variety of sizes available is difficult due to Tench being slow growing. They are still very popular fish and a good seller here at Epperstone Park.

fish breeds - chub


Chub are very aggressive feeders, larger Chub are a good source for controlling ponds with high fry populations due to their predatory instincts. When conditions suit, Chub are very quick growers and have big appetites, enabling them to put on weight very quickly. Another brilliant species to stock for winter fun.

fish breeds - crucian


The Crucian Carp is a quiet and rather timid species preferring least competition as possible. Growth is slow compared to most other species of fish and does best when stocked without mirror or common Carp. Lovely fish in their own right and nothing beats catching a keep net full of golden bars.

fish breeds - barbel


Barbel are productive in both rivers and still waters. Barbel demand well oxygenated water. We would recommend a light stocking of Barbel to a new water before placing a large order to see how they adapt. If conditions suit, growth rates are brilliant and lb for lb they are the best fighters around.

Epperstone Park Hatcheries are proud coarse fish suppliers and we ensure that all our processes comply with site permit regulations. For more information regarding the Fish Health Inspectorate, please visit the Government Information pages.