Epperstone Park Hatcheries - Expert Coarse Fish Breeders

Breeding Programme

Fish are reproduced by artificial means on site in a specifically built temperature controlled hatchery. The brood fish are kept here at Epperstone Park and live in premium conditions to ensure strong and healthy fry, making Epperstone Park the ideal coarse fish breeders.

Each spring we collect our brood fish and take them into our specially prepared tanks where the fish are artificially spawned. The fertilised eggs are then laid out in special hatching troughs which are temperature controlled, when the fry hatch, they are left there until they have absorbed their yolk sack, then they are moved into the subtropical temperature poly tents.

Poly Tents

To maintain our high standards as coarse fish breeders and to produce the best possible fish, we raise the fry In our specialised poly tents with purpose grown microscopic food for 6 weeks until the tiny fry have developed enough to be moved into carefully prepared, disease and parasite free fry ponds. This is where they will stay until the end of the summer.

Outdoor Ponds

All the ponds are completely drainable so that we can remove our fish safely without any injuries. This also enables us to carry out work on the ponds to keep them in perfect condition ready for the next set of fish.

Fish Harvesting

Our fish are harvested to our indoor holding facilities and here they are held in clean, fresh borehole water awaiting to be sold or grown on. Due to our fish being harvested indoors it enables us to grade and count our fish accurately. This way we know exactly what size our fish are and how many we have.

Health Checks & Site Permits

As a CEFAS registered fish farm we are checked twice yearly by CEFAS for any noticeable diseases, these inspections normally occur in the spring and summer. This is part of the strict protocol fish farmers need to adhere with as part of the ministry regulations. As the selling season approaches, every species and all sizes of fish are taken to Blue Roof Ltd. for health checks ensuring every customers is supplied with clean, immaculate, disease free fish. All fish must have a I.W health check number before they can be moved or transported.

Site permits are compulsory when restocking or transporting live fish. Epperstone Park, being responsible coarse fish breeders, are more than happy to help in the process of obtaining a site permit. This service is provided free of charge with your order. You must be a registered fishery otherwise a Site permit will not be granted from the Environment Agency. If you require help or advice with any part of the form or process please do not hesitate to contact us, we’d be happy to guide you in the right direction and help resolve any problems you have.